Orchid Lakes


Abingdon Rd, Dorchester, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 7LP, United Kingdom

Orchid Lakes: A Top-notch Fishery

Situated in the heart of the Thames Valley, Orchid Lakes is a top-notch fishery that prides itself on providing the ultimate carp angling experience. Located just south of Oxford and approximately a mile from the historic Dorchester-on-Thames village, this 18-acre former gravel pit, housing two well-stocked lakes, is a haven for anglers.

Scenic Surroundings

Each of the lakes, Orchid Lake and Club Lake, which cover 17.6 acres and 2 acres respectively, is beautifully encased by weeping willows, grand oaks, and poplars. These vibrant surroundings, along with the serene aquatic setting of Orchid Lakes, create an environment with a unique aesthetic appeal.

The Orchid Lake

Orchid Lake is the star attraction of the Orchid Fishery. Home to beautiful carp that weigh up to 40 lbs., the lake offers an exceptional angling experience. In contrast, Club Lake houses a diverse stock of bream, carp, catfish, roach, and tench.

Orchid Lakes Tickets and Guidelines

For those planning to visit, 24-hour tickets are available on-site. However, Orchid Lakes maintains several rules to ensure the sustainability of the aquatic ecosystem and uphold the safety and fairness of the sport. These include restrictions on certain types of equipment, baits, and the mandatory use of micro-barb or barbless hooks only. Furthermore, all 30-lb fish caught must be reported.

Orchid Lakes Booking and Facilities

A notable feature of Orchid Lakes is its amenities, such as lodges available for booking at Alamo and L Shape swims. Anglers can also avail of a service that transports tackle to and from your swim for a small fee.

The site is also equipped with showers, toilets (including disabled access), huts, and even a food delivery service, making your fishing trip comfortable and convenient.

Orchid Lakes Oxford: A Carp Angler’s Dream

Often referred to as ‘The Home of The Thirties’, Orchid Lake has an impressive collection of big fish, including immaculate common carp, and chestnut brown scale mirrors. Known for its record of a 40lb carp named Delilah, Orchid Carp Lake is a dream venue for keen specimen and pleasure carp anglers alike.

Methods and Tactics

All baits reportedly work well for fishing here. In recent years, sweetcorn has been a popular choice, but it may not be as effective as it used to be. Anglers are encouraged to experiment and find what works best for their angling style.

The Orchid Lake Experience

In conclusion, Orchid Lakes combines the thrill of angling with a tranquil environment, providing a memorable fishing experience. Whether you’re chasing ‘The Thirties’, spending a leisurely day fishing, or even just enjoying the scenic surroundings, Orchid Lakes is a fishing venue that truly stands out. So why wait? Grab your Orchid Lakes Tickets and immerse yourself in an unforgettable angling adventure!

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