Parkers Fishery


Withybrook Road, Wolvey, Bedworth, Warwickshire CV12 9JW, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located just outside Bulkington in Warwickshire, Parkers Fishery is a peaceful fishery that offers awesome catches. It is known for being an excellent coarse and matching fishing venue.

There are 2 pools on site: Jack’s Pool and Ricky’s Pool. Jack’s Pool is the main pleasure angling pool. It is an easy water to fish for anglers of all skills, abilities and styles. It is home to various fish species including common, ghost and mirror carp. Majority of the carp in this pool weigh between 4 lbs. and 8 lbs..

On the other hand, Ricky’s Pool is the match pool. The rectangular pool has 27 pegs and a moat-like appearance with a causeway leading to the large central island. There is parking space available on this island.

Keep nets are only allowed for match fishing. Braids are not allowed.

Day, concession and evening tickets are available for this fishery.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp go up to 8 lbs..

What tactics work well?

We couldn’t find any information about the tactics that work well for fishing on site.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities on-site include a cafe that serves hot and cold food every day, nice clean toilets in front of Jack’s Pool and parking near the main entrance.

Is parking available?

Plenty of parking is available near the main entrance.

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  1. Is fishing still going on I came up 2 weeks ago and it was all fenced off and a gate straight in front of you as you enter so I left so I am asking if you are open and how much is it now for OHP. Thanks


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