Pondwood Fisheries


Pondwood Farm, Pondwood Lane, White Waltham, Berkshire SL6 3SS, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Pondwood fishery is located in White Waltham, Berkshire, and dates back as far as 1660. It is home to four amazing lakes that cater to the fishing needs of all types of anglers. The four lakes that have a wide range of fish stock are:

Pondwood Lake is the first of the three lakes, and it is primarily a catfishing lake. The catfish are available in weights ranging from 1lb to 51lb. Due to the Catfish’s predatory nature, the lake contains only a few small Carp.

Lake 2 is primarily a carp lake, with a few roach thrown in for good measure. The lake, which is an ideal family lake, also attracts an abundance of fish even during the winter months. There are 22 swims available on this body of water.

Snake Water 3 is the third lake in the facility, and it contains barbel, bream, carp, chubb, ide, roach, and tench. It is an excellent choice for both match and pleasure angling. Most of the swims are set in a fully grown woodland environment, surrounded by wild flowers, grass, and shrubs, depending on the time of year and the weather.

Th last lake is Woodland Lake 4, an isolated lake with a diverse range of species and 18 swims.

What size do the fish go to?

Catfish can go up t 51lb

Carp can go up to 31lb

What tactics work well?

Frozen dead bait

Barb less, single hooks only

Fishing rod

Minimum 30” landing net

What facilities are on site?



Is parking available?

Yes, there are 5 parking spots available.

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