Raker Lakes


Raker Lakes, The Lodge, Greengales Ln, Wheldrake, York YO19 6BW, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Situated just south of York, Raker Lakes is a fishery set in 28 acres of landscaped countryside. Catering for match, pleasure and specimen anglers, this venue consists of 4 coarse lakes and 1 specimen lake. There is a small touring caravan on site.

Acorn Lake is a 20-peg water pleasure and match lake that is home to carp, crucians, roach, rudd, tench, skimmers, perch and chub. The current match record for this lake is 200 lbs.

Heron Pond is a 0.5-acre pond with 10 pegs. Available for pleasure anglers, this water is well-stocked with carp, roach, rudd, crucians and perch. This pond is not available for match bookings.

Highbank Lake is a 2.5-acre, 22-peg coarse fishery that is well-stocked with carp to over 20 lbs, crucians, tench, skimmers, roach, rudd and perch. The current match record for this lake is 167 lbs.

Horseshoe Lake is a 3-acre, 30-peg match and pleasure water that boasts a maximum depth of 9 feet. It holds an impressive stock of carp, bream, roach, rudd, crucians, specimen perch, skimmers, dace, chub and tench. The current match record for this lake is 191 lbs.

Kingfisher Lake is a 6.5-acre, 16-peg specimen carp lake that is home to Simmo fish to 30 lbs and has a depth of up to 5 feet. The lake record is 33 lbs 4 oz.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp go to over 20 lbs and Simmo fish to 30 lbs.

What tactics work well?

For Acorn Lake: inside pole lines and 8-10 metres out are good options for most species with pellet, paste, caster and meat the favourite baits. Bomb out into open water or across to the island will also catch plenty of fish.

For Heron Pond: usual baits work well.

For Highbank Lake: pole, waggler and tip tactics work well. Favourite baits include pellet, caster and chopped worm.

For Horseshoe Lake: usual summer baits for carp include pellet, paste and meat. Caster fished down the middle takes good mixed bags. Pole fishing is the norm under near side bushes, down the middle or across to the far bank. Waggler and bomb also work well.

For Kingfisher Lake: most fish fall to good quality boilies or pellets fished anywhere, from tight to the islands, back to open water.

What facilities are on site?

Caravan, toilet, shower and parking facilities are available on site.

Is parking available?

Parking is available on site.

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