Ruxley Complex – The Shallows


Orpington BR5 3HY, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Orpington & District Angling Association.

Ruxley Complex – The Shallows is a charming gravel pit covering an area of 1.5 acres. As the name suggests, the lake features a shallow depth ranging from 2 to 6 feet. The lake’s layout includes gravel bars and shelves at approximately 2 feet deep, occasionally dropping to 6 feet in certain holes or basins. The majority of the lake maintains a depth of around 3 feet. The picturesque lake is surrounded by mature bank sides, two small islands, and large Norfolk reed beds. Additionally, there are several clumps of white lily pads, enhancing the beauty and natural appeal of the lake.

What size do the fish go to?

The Shallow Lake at Ruxley Complex holds a variety of specimen fish with decent sizes. Anglers can encounter Tench up to 8lbs, Carp reaching up to 30lbs, Bream up to 9lbs, Rudd and Roach up to 1.5lbs, Perch up to 3.5lbs, and pike up to low 20s. The favorable living conditions provided by the spring-fed water and the lake’s natural features contribute to the growth and well-being of these fish.

What tactics work well?

Considering the lake’s shallow depth and the presence of various species, anglers may find success with tactics such as float fishing with appropriate baits for tench, carp, bream, roach, and perch. Additionally, ledger or float fishing with pike baits can be effective for targeting pike. Local anglers familiar with the venue can offer valuable insights into the most effective tactics for different species and areas within the lake.

What facilities are on site?

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience, anglers should inquire with the fishery management or relevant authorities to find out about the availability of facilities such as toilets, shelters, or refreshment areas.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available at Ruxley Complex – The Shallows. The entrance to the complex is located opposite the CSBP (name of location or landmark). Anglers are kindly requested to open and close the gates after all entries and exits from the complex to maintain the safety and security of the area.

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