Sutton at Hone Fishing Venue


Sutton At Hone, Dartford, Kent DA4 9HQ

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Dartford & District Angling & Preservation Society.

Sutton at Hone is a well-established fishery located near Dartford. To access the lakes, follow the A225 towards Farningham and Hawley from the main set of traffic lights at the bottom of Princes Road in Dartford. Continue for approximately 2 miles until you reach some shops on the left, including a fish and chip shop. Just 50 yards past the shops, you’ll find the entrance to the lakes via Gravel Road. Drive to the bottom of the road and cross the bridge to reach the gate. Access to the lakes is restricted to existing members only.

Big Lake

The Big Lake is the largest water on the fishery, covering an area of about 9 acres. It was formed from a disused strip-mined gravel pit and has matured into a mixed course fishery. This lake holds an impressive range of fish species, including Carp weighing over 34lb, both Mirrors and Commons, Tench exceeding 9lb, Bream over 8lb, Pike over 20lb, Eels over 4lb, as well as Roach and Perch. It is particularly known for being the Top Carp venue in the fishery.

Car Park/Small Lake

The Car Park/Small Lake is another popular fishing spot within Sutton at Hone. This lake has a parking area nearby and has been known to produce Carp over 40lb, with current catches ranging up to the Mid Thirties. Additionally, anglers can find Tench weighing over 9lb, Bream up to 9lb, Roach exceeding 1lb, Perch over 2lb, and Eels over 4lb. Match weights on this lake have even reached an impressive 100lb.

The Banjo Area of the Small Lake

The Banjo Area of the Small Lake is a specially extended and accessible section, offering a separate area for anglers to enjoy. This spot is a stalkers paradise, providing a rewarding fishing experience for Dad’s and Lads. The Banjo area is rich in small Carp, Tench, Perch, and Bream.

What size do the fish go to?

  • Big Lake: Carp over 34lb, Tench over 9lb, Bream over 8lb, Pike over 20lb, Eels over 4lb, Roach, and Perch.
  • Car Park/Small Lake: Carp over 40lb, Tench over 9lb, Bream up to 9lb, Roach over 1lb, Perch over 2lb, and Eels over 4lb.

What tactics work well?

Tactics that work well in the fishery include pole fishing, waggler fishing, and using worm, caster, and pellets as baits. For Carp fishing, consider using boilies as an effective tactic.

What facilities are on site?

The fishery offers various facilities, including:

  • Access to the lakes through the Gravel Road entrance.
  • Car parking available near the Car Park/Small Lake area.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available near the Car Park/Small Lake area, providing convenient access for anglers.

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