Trilakes Country Park


Yateley Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 8JQ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Set in Sandhurst, Berkshire, Trilakes Country Park is a tranquil location that offers excellent sport to the keen Carp angler. As the name suggests, the venue comprises of 3 lakes, all of which boast a variety of fishing features.

The Islands, lakes and mature trees add to the serenity of the surroundings as well as lending the angler a sense of privacy. Furthermore, the waters are all stocked with a healthy quantity of Bream, Perch, Rudd, Tench and Carp.

On top of the fishing facilities, there are several walks and safe play areas for children. As a result, Trilakes Country Park is an ideal spot for the family outing.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp can often be found in double figures, with larger specimen being recorded as high as 20lbs. Also, Bream, Tench, Perch and Rudd tend to weigh in between 3 and 8lbs.

What tactics work well?

Cured meats act well as baits. Additionally, utilising pellets and boilies during the warmer months is extremely effective.

What facilities are on site?

There is a restaurant on site that provides fresh food plus a range of hot and cold beverages. Moreover, there is a play barn with a soft play area for the children. Also, there are a number of shops, cafes and bars within a short distance of the main site.

Is parking available?

There are ample secure parking spaces at the location.

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