Weeton Lake Fisheries


Avon lodge, Weeton Lane LS17 0HE North Yorkshire

Fishery Information

Weeton Lake is unlike other fisheries. The owner of this small lake lets anglers into their back garden to fish a really fun little venue. The lake is only about a quarter of an acre, and there is a central island that almost everyone fishes to. The average depth is 4ft, making it perfect for pole and waggler fishing. This lake is almost perfectly designed for pole anglers. Most of the swims are easily fishable with the pole, but some require about 16 metres to get to the island. If you love pole fishing and want to catch plenty of f1s, roach and chub, this is a fun little venue to do just that.

What size do the fish go to?

There are no monster carp in this lake. Many of the f1s went into the lake only a few years ago, but they are growing nicely. There are some f1s to a few pounds, but most are under a pound. There are thousands to catch, though. Bags to 40lbs are very common at this venue, so it offers a busy session for any angler with the right tactics.

What tactics work well?

We mentioned pole fishing above. Pole fishing is the best tactic on this venue, with a choice of hookbaits like maggots, corn, meat and some pastes work well too. Pellets are a must here; the f1s respond so well to them. Bring a few sizes of pellets, and you’ll be catching all day long.

What facilities are on site?

There are no facilities at Weeton Lake that we know of.

Is parking available?

There is a small car park available.

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