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Metropolitan Borough of St Helens, UK

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by St Helen’s Angling Association.

This small water is an extension of Carr Mill Dam, which had completely silted up over a number of years. St Helens A.A. took the initiative to excavate and restore it to its former size. The water now offers 40 pegs for anglers to enjoy.

What size do the fish go to?

The fishery is full of various fish species, including roach, skimmers, bream, and pike. Specific size ranges for the fish are not provided, but Carr Mill Dam, which this water is connected to, is known for producing specimen-sized fish. Anglers can expect a range of sizes depending on the species targeted.

What tactics work well?

This water is described as an ideal place for pole fishing. With an average depth of 3 to 7 feet, it provides a suitable environment for pole anglers to target a variety of fish species. The exact tactics and techniques that work well may vary depending on the angler’s preferences and the species they are targeting. However, pole fishing techniques such as pole float fishing, feeding accurately, and using appropriate baits are commonly successful in similar waters.

What facilities are on site?

As it is an extension of Carr Mill Dam, it can be inferred that the fishery may have some basic amenities such as parking areas and potentially designated pegs. Anglers are advised to refer to any additional information provided by St Helens A.A. or consult their handbooks for details regarding facilities and other amenities available at this fishery.

Is parking available?

Since the water is an extension of Carr Mill Dam, it can be assumed that there may be parking facilities nearby or within reasonable proximity to the fishery. Anglers should follow any signage or instructions provided at the location or consult St Helens A.A. for specific parking arrangements.

Overall, this water offers an enjoyable day of pleasure fishing for both junior and senior anglers, with the best fishing times suggested to be early morning and evenings. Anglers can expect a variety of fish species and the opportunity to engage in pole fishing techniques in a water that has been restored by St Helens A.A.

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