Priory Farm Lakes


Sandy Lane, Nutfield, Nr Redhill, Surrey RH1 4EJ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Situated in picturesque and relaxing surroundings in the heart of Surrey, Priory Farm Lake offers excellent coarse and carp fishing on 3 beautiful lakes: Priory Lake, Hogtrough Lake and Hungerford Lake.

Priory Lake is a 2.5-acre, 4-foot deep water that is home to stunning carp, crucian carp, roach, rudd and perch. It has plenty of double figure fish and carp go up to 20 lbs.. All fishing tactics work well for this lake, including fishing on or near the bottom or surface fishing. It is also great for evening stalking.

Known as the hardest water to fish on site, Hogtrough Lake is one of the younger lakes at Priory Farm and it has well-spaced hard core swims. This 4.2-acre, 15-foot deep water has 4 islands and is home to beautiful carp to 30 lbs., tench to 7 lbs., bream to 5 lbs., crucian carp, perch, roach and skimmers.

Hungerford Lake is a 2-acre, 8-foot deep water that is heavily stocked with carp to 20 lbs.. It has purpose-built platforms with plenty of space between pegs. This is ideal for short sessions and matches.

Fishing at Priory Farm Lakes is available all year round, but only a limited number of memberships are issued each year. They have decided to take this approach because they wanted to maintain the quality of the fish and the fishery, and also to continuously provide a quiet and peaceful setting for anglers.

Night fishing is available for this fishery. Members are given their own gate key so they can come and go as they please.

What size do the fish go to?

Each lake is well-stocked with carp to 30 lbs., tench to 7 lbs. and bream to 5 lbs..

What tactics work well?

All tactics reportedly work well for Priory Lake.

Corn or soft pellets, float fished as close as possible to the island is a great tactic for catching crucian carp and silver fish at Hogtrough Lake. Loose feed little and often with pellets and maggots or a small amount of corn. Loose fed hemp often works really well, too.

Groundbait and feeder approach work well for catching bream and tench at Hogtrough Lake. A small method feeder with sweet corn, plastic corn, hemp, pellet, groundbait and 10 to 12-millimeter boilies also works well.

Boilies work well for catching carp at Hogtrough Lake. Artificial baits like fake sweetcorn, maize and tares all worked well in the past. Double red maggot is also a killer bait for carp in this water.

Stalking, margin fishing, waggler, pole or feeder fishing work well for fishing at Hungerford Lake. Favourite baits include maggots, pellets, corn, luncheon meat, cat food, dog biscuit and marshmallows.

What facilities are on site?

On-site facilities include car parking, toilets and a coffee shop.

Is parking available?

Cars are allowed to be parked in the authorised car park only.

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