Spinnaker Lake


Blashford Lake, Ringwood BH24 3LY

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Christchurch Angling Club.

Spinnaker Lake is a 65-acre gravel pit and serves as the Club’s specimen carp water. The lake has a lower stocking ratio for its size, allowing the carp present to grow to impressive sizes, with some specimens reaching over 50lb. Besides carp, anglers can also target specimen tench, bream, roach, and pike in this water. The fish are in excellent condition and have provided exciting sport for members.

What size do the fish go to?

Spinnaker Lake is home to specimen carp that have grown to over 50lb in weight. Additionally, the lake holds specimen-sized tench, bream, roach, and pike, providing a diverse range of angling opportunities for those seeking larger fish.

What tactics work well?

For targeting specimen carp, popular tactics such as using boilies, pellets, and other carp-specific baits may be effective. Anglers targeting tench and bream can use traditional baits like worms, maggots, and corn. For pike fishing, using larger live or dead baits and lures can be productive.

What facilities are on site?

The provided information does not specify the facilities available at Spinnaker Lake. It’s advisable to check with the fishery or their website to obtain details about the amenities provided for anglers. Common facilities at fishing venues may include fishing platforms, parking areas, toilets, and refreshment options.

Is parking available?

As parking arrangements were not mentioned in the provided information, it is recommended to inquire directly with Spinnaker Lake or refer to their website for information regarding parking facilities and guidelines for visitors.

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