Wainsford Lake


Hordle, UK SO41 0UD

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Christchurch Angling Club.

Wainsford Lake is a beautiful estate lake situated in deep countryside, offering a fantastic fishing experience. The lake provides a rare opportunity to catch wild carp, with the chance to hook one approaching double figures for an exciting battle. The lake also holds vast shoals of roach and rudd, with the potential for large nets of fin perfect specimens weighing around 6-8oz and some even exceeding 1lb. Additionally, the lake boasts excellent perch approaching 4lb, which have been thriving by feasting on the abundant silverfish population.

What size do the fish go to?

Wainsford Lake offers a diverse range of fish species. Anglers can target wild carp, with some individuals reaching weights approaching double figures. Larger carp are also present, with some exceeding 20lb. The lake holds stunning ghost carp and ornamental varieties, reaching high double weights. For roach and rudd, fish around 6-8oz are common, and some even exceed 1lb. The excellent perch population approaches 4lb in size, providing a good challenge for anglers.

What tactics work well?

For wild carp and larger carp, using carp-specific baits like boilies and pellets can be effective. Targeting the overhanging trees, lilies, and reeds can yield good results. Anglers targeting roach and rudd can use waggler gear and present baits like maggots and small worms. For perch fishing, using lures and live baits can attract bites from these predatory fish.

What facilities are on site?

The provided information does not specify the facilities available at Wainsford Lake. To ensure a comfortable fishing experience, it is advisable to check with the fishery or their website for details about the amenities provided for anglers. Common facilities at fishing venues may include fishing platforms, parking areas, toilets, and refreshment options.

Is parking available?

As parking arrangements were not mentioned in the provided information, it is recommended to inquire directly with Wainsford Lake or refer to their website for information regarding parking facilities and guidelines for visitors.

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