Bridge Lake Farm and Fishery


Wardington Road, Chacombe, OX17 2JU, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Bridge Lake Farm and Fishery provides a beautiful getaway for anglers. Set into the rolling countryside of Oxfordshire, Bridge Lake has some lovely glamping lodges to call home right on the lake itself. If your family loves fishing, this is the perfect getaway spot for you. If some of the family aren’t as keen on fishing as others, they can kick back, relax and enjoy the hot tub and the stunning views of the lake while you focus on the fish.

What size do the fish go to?

So Bridge Lake Farm and Fishery is certainly a tranquil place to fish, but it won’t stay tranquil for those who bag the big ones. There are a number of carp in this lake over 20lbs and plenty of double-figure carp too. So, there is a really good chance of grabbing your PB or helping to land a fish that a family member will never forget. There is also plenty of other species like roach, rudd and bream to keep you busy all day.

What tactics work well?

The carp in this lake are feed on pellets, so pellets work wonders. They also respond well to corn and boilies too. The smaller fish species love some corn and maggots.

What facilities are on site?

You can only fish at this venue if you are staying at one of the lodges. All of the lodges are on the water, so you’ll have everything you need just behind you.

Is parking available?

Yes, secure parking is available throughout your stay.

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